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Kauai Vanilla Beans
Our Vanilla beans have won the Blue Ribbon at the Kauai County Fair every year since 2011. Vanilla is an essential ingredient for great desserts, but it also adds a subtle flavor to main dishes as well.
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Kauai Vanilla Beans
Package of two
Palm Blossom Honey
Steelgrass Farm Palm Blossom Honey has won first prize statewide at the Hawaii Honey Challenge in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Click Here for More Info
Palm Blossom Honey
9-oz. jar
Cacao Nibs
Cacao Nibs from Pam and Bob Cooper’s “Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory” are grown on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The seeds of the chocolate tree, called cacao nibs once they’ve been fermented, dried, roasted and peeled, are not merely delicious...
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Cacao Nibs
3.5-oz package
Steelgrass Dark Chocolate Tasting Assortment
Everything you need for a complete tasting, packaged for groups of 4 guests. Each package contains four taster’s notes pages, four whole cacao beans for all to peel and taste, and enough of eleven dark chocolates to give each of four guests two samples apiece. People always want more of their favorites, so order enough four-person packages to make sure there will be extras.
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Dark Chocolate Tasting Assortment
$30 per four-person package
Chocolate Bars
Here you can order the twelve chocolates we taste on our Steelgrass Chocolate Farm Tour:

53%: Santander Chocolate-Covered Cacao Nibs, grown in Colombia $6
60%: Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory, grown on the Island of Hawaii $6
64%: Valrhona "Manjari," grown in Madagascar $12
64%: Valrhona "Gran Couva," grown in Trinidad $10
65%: Guittard "Chucuri," grown in Colombia $6
70%: Dandelion "Manuano," grown in Venezuela $12
70% Steelgrass Farm Single Estate, grown on our farm on Kauai $20
70%: Taza "Stone Ground," grown in the Dominican Republic $10
70%: Santander "Single Origin Dark," grown in Colombia $8
70%: Waialua Estate, "North Shore Oahu" $10
70%: Kallari "Red Leaf," grown in Ecuador $10
74%: Felchlin "Elvesia,", grown in the Dominican Republic $6

Please choose chocolate bar. When you click "Add to Cart" you will be taken to your shopping cart where you can choose the quantity. If you would like more than one type of bar, simply choose continue shopping and you will return to this page to add more bars.
Steelgrass 70% Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton Shirts
Our hand-printed 70% bamboo-30% organic cotton shirts are available in three styles: Men's Crew-Neck in Pine Green; Women's V-Neck in Pine Green; and Women's Tank-Top in Black. Each has "Steelgrass Kauai Chocolate Farm" in yellow lettering on the front, and one of three sayings on the back:
Saying #1: "Put the chocolate in the bag and nobody gets hurt"
Saying #2: "Chocolate – cheaper than therapy"
Saying #3: "A balanced diet is a chocolate bar in each hand"
Shirts are $30 each.
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Men's Pine Green Crew-Neck
Women's Pine Green V-Neck
Women's Black Tank Top

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